I've decided to start a new blog all over again on the 1 March so that I can least have somewhere to look back on my life but I didn't had the time too. But I hope a week later isn't too late either 

March started off pretty ok!
1 March was the start of the cafe hopping season. Headed down to try the popular Makisan which was amazingly delicious for a non-hardcore sushi lover like me who doesn't really like sashimi and can still eat it with the sushi, still think it's delicious, Makisan must be really something. The tempura crunches are especially yummy toooo😋 Ever since, I've been craving for it for the past 3 days.... (Reminder to order with the right combi and I'm glad we hit the bulleye for all the good fillings for the sushi for our first try heheheh, these pics does no justice to the taste..)

After which we headed to Jones The Grocer for some desert and milkshakes which didn't disappoint us as well! We got ourselves chocolate milkshake together with the black forest cake. It was definitely a meal of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. What to do if you're obsessed with chocolates heheh

Initial plan of heading to Lady M was postponed which was probably a blessing in disguise. Why? 1) Jones the grocer was cheaper than lady M but the food wasn't that bad. 2) Makisan and that cafe was a walking distance so there was more time to catch up with friends rather than on travelling. So it doesn't mean that cheaper prices produces lower quality, the food will not disappoint you I promise! (So is the ambience)

3 March results day- thank you to everyone who has been there for me one way or another, be it helping me or comfort words, wouldn't have made it through hellhole without you guys :')
Off for some happy food- mixed grill and lamb chop at taka basement, I forgotten what's the name of the shop called but we spend about less than 40 bucks!

4 March- a trip to the national library and also chancing upon QiJi while getting there which we made an impromptu decision to dine in there. As always, I got myself the standard set that I always ate back then in JC days. Recommend all nasi lemak lovers to try this if y'all haven't!! They have a few outlets at bugis, nex and other places (I think, not sure if Suntec one is closed due to renovations) There's a variety of different combinations of nasi lemak with more ingredients then the usual ones

7 March- EVERYONE SHLD GO CATCH NON-STOP. Impressive. Liam neeson never fails. You won't be disappointed!
It's gonna be my title cause it deserves some acknowledgement perhaps 

-Finally a brief summary everything since 1 March which I promised myself, is finally done-


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