Sunny yellow banana day

Pardon me, while I try to find my drown-confused self who is the midst of trying to comprehend which way or place is best for me.

So I spent almost a day out with my baldies and fav girls who got me thru the whole of the shit years. Ntu open house was rather ok, probably cause of the company and also the information they provided was really good in helping me make decisions, so thank you :) 

( Ok I can still hardly believe I'm finally done with those two years of utter bullshit of everything which almost consumed me. But nonetheless still thankful for those who have been there on that journey)

(Leaning tower of banana pisa)

Dinner with my favorite people whom I bumped into who were staring at me at a distance at ntu open house hoping that I would realise that they were watching me, (they were too bored pardon them cause they are smart enough no need visit booths and talks). It's always so good to see their faces no matter what :')


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