Got my crepe cravings- Nutella marshmallows, satisfied ytd from NEDS which was supposed to go tgt with my fav ovaltine from koi, but then my friend claimed that it was too chocolate-ty at a go, so we sacrificed the drink. and yes I don't drink tea, only chocolate related stuff :-) (myth: tea makes you short. But I doubt it cause some of my friends are still tall!!)

Here the legendary yummy Nutella marshmallow 

Another crepe w banana, hersey chocolate, marshmallows, fresh cream filling 

Singapore is too boring (in need of some recommendations for budget outings HAHA) there's nothing much to do, but fortunately we found some fun at for 2.5 hours!! 
Got our hands on the game consoles F1 2011 & rock band. Check out my musically talented friend's amazing score.
100%!!! Some ppl are just blessed with such talents :)


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