What catches your eye?

What’s the first thing you look at when you meet someone new? I don't know why but I subconsciously get attracted to people with thick brows. A well kept pair of brows gives more definition to one’s face.

Stepped up my eyebrow game 2 weeks ago (17 Feb 2019). It’s my third time doing eyebrow
embroidery over a span of 5-6 years. Best for those who love to sleep in/ mediocre makeup skills/ lazy people like me!! No need to worry about drawing brows when heading out in the vicinity.

It's my 2nd time getting my misty effect brows done with @missybrows. It was 1.5 years ago since I last did my brows with her. I'm definitely in good hands, that's why I'm back! It’s about time I get a new set of eyebrow embroidery with her.

Elaine will draw the eyebrow
before the start of the procedure,
to see if you like it! 

Missybrow has been in this field for years. Very skilled judgement and super meticulous to cater the shape of brows according to your face shape. Of course you can state your preference.


1. Does it hurt?
  • Absolutely not! Both during the process or immediately after was pain- free. She uses quality numbing cream, honestly was almost impossible to feel any pain. ** This microblading is simply on the surface of the skin, it doesn’t go right deep inside unlike eyebrow tattoos. ** (They are different, tattoos cut deeper in contact with your blood vessels hence there’ll be blood). There was no blood during my procedure.
  • My very first experience with another parlour, was a complete contrast. Despite putting the numbing cream, towards the end of the procedure it started stinging a little (still tolerable). The worst has yet to come. The moment I stepped out of the shop, my brows felt like it had been skinned. It was too painful to bear.
2. Would it be too dark for me to go out?
  • ZERO DOWNTIME!  On both occasions, I went out immediately after my procedure. In the recent one, met some friends for a cny gathering after my eyebrow embroidery session. It was so natural no one could tell I got JUST it done.
3. Worth it?
  • Yes! It lasts approximately 1-1.5years, subject to individuals care. 
  • Here’s the breakdown for monetary savings. EG: using an average Benefit Eyebrow powder ($30) for a month + an cheap makeup remover ($10) for 3 months, that’s $400-$560 within 1-1.5years. Investing in eyebrow embroidery can get you up to 30% cost savings in comparison!
  • Time is money! So you save even more, without the need to draw your brows whenever you step out. 

I will update again once I get my touch up done wihtin 4-12 weeks form start of procedure.


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