Creatures & Humans

 “You have to find the right distance between people. Too close, and they overwhelm you, too far and they abandon you.” 
— Hanif Kureishi

Humans are scary, screw it. Just let me run as far as I can. 

Just when you thought you had someone to fall back on... 
Perhaps it's true when they say, happy moments are short-lived, right?
Unknowingly got my hope high and only to realise that after it was crushed like a skyscraper. That was when I realised I made the same mistake of expecting which only ends up in greater disappointment. I knew I shouldn't have thought that things would turn out that way, when there was a sudden change of mind on your part. 

And what's your say on sacrificing sth for someone whom you were close to for years, at that point of time and not knowing y'all will end up as the strangers y'all are today?
What's your say on thinkng that if you're genuinely nice to others they would be too? 
Whats your say on thinking that they too feels the same way as you do? 

No honey, no one's gonna be thankful that you're sacrificing something else for them, neither are they gonna be appreciative of all the little nice gestures you've done for them. 
People are just gonna be heartless cold creatures whom at the end of the day, only 'Me, Myself & I' matters. 
You're just gonna be labelled as stupid for thinking that they're actually worth the sacrifice, time and effort, and perhaps for me, my own wishful thinking, that like me, all people feel and think almost alike. Forget the ones that forget you  

Maybe it's time to quit being me.
And to think that all these time, I've been trying to put the happiness of the people I love before mine...
I'm slowly falling apart but I'm too exhausted to care anymore.
How do you even tell who's real and who's fake anymore?


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