What catches your eye?

What’s the first thing you look at when you meet someone new? I don't know why but I subconsciously get attracted to people with thick brows. A well kept pair of brows gives more definition to one’s face.

Stepped up my eyebrow game 2 weeks ago (17 Feb 2019). It’s my third time doing eyebrow embroidery over a span of 5-6 years. Best for those who love to sleep in/ mediocre makeup skills/ lazy people like me!! No need to worry about drawing brows when heading out in the vicinity.

It's my 2nd time getting my misty effect brows done with @missybrows. It was 1.5 years ago since I last did my brows with her. I'm definitely in good hands, that's why I'm back! It’s about time I get a new set of eyebrow embroidery with her.

Missybrow has been in this field for years. Very skilled judgement and super meticulous to cater the shape of brows according to your face shape. Of course you can state your preference.

23rd - A Work In Progress

- 3 months have never flew by as quickly as before than now -
Idle @ Prinsep


The Mask
Over the weekends, I turned 23. 
The night went down the moment we started to bar hopped from liquid buffet at Idle Prinsep, BeerPong at Hopheads to opening a bottle at The Mask. NTS: Bacardi Gold @The Mask tastes like petrol, worst drink ever. I have never drank so much in a long while ever since uni days (then again uni days are insane). One hell of a liver therapy, and I felt so uneasy and died on the actual day/ next day. 

I don't know when it started, but these bunch of people has unknowingly become people I hold close. (& to some not in the photo)  Thank you for the failed surprise & the cake (smash)! Till your bday :') Can't believe Aly gave it away when she told me last Thurs not to come to with makeup the next day. (1st: she got my bday wrong, 2nd: she gave it away = cake smash) 

There are days where I wake up feeling so thankful that got to meet such a great bunc…

Another day in JB

Unlike the previous time where I went to JB alone because everyone was working, this time round Eil and Vyc were free on Friday!

Thursday being SG's 53th birthday, meant that many would give Friday a self-declared off day (just like Eil did- working from home), to have a 4-days long weekends. Pretty bad timing to go, but it was the only timing everyone could make it due to work circumstances.

I got to the checkpoint at 0940 and waited for the rest who came at 1000. It was swift at the SG custom due to the many electronic counters, can't say the same for JB's custom. The bus queue from the checkpoint to JB's custom was long, but the frequency was okay and we managed to board the second bus. We reached JB custom counters at 1100 and queue for about 30 mins.

Our first stop was FOOD @ AK Noodles - City Square Level 1 (Beside Din Tai Fung). I always get my dry noodles with soup (RM10.90) and a plate of crispy prawn cake (RM8.90), never disappoints! When vyc tried it s…

Rimmel STAY MATTE Liquid Lip Colour

Back with Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour swatches!
This collection consists of 12 different shades arranging from nudes all the way to your eccentric colours. There is a variety of nudes and rose-pinks. A colour for every single occasion- daily wear, dinner dates and even halloween!

In the video I put it to the test if it was transferproof and smudgeproof:
Forget about your glossy lipsticks from the 90s and patronise the booming matte lipstick market! Matte liquid lipstick can get pretty uncomfortable sometimes especially if it's not spread out evenly before it dries up. As a result flaky lips are a big No, No! Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour's formula is silky smooth and dries to a decent matte finish. It consists of vegetable-derived ingredients which helps keep your lips hydrates. 
The best part is this velvety texture matte lipstick is long-wearing and lightweight. It stays on for 12 hours. The formula is not only pigmented, but it barely budge throughout the day, ma…

Closing The Chapter

Yesterday, 1 August 2018, concludes my 16 years of education, including the last trying 4 years of economics school in NTU. I was never the most academically bright student, but I'm glad after all the hustle and struggles, it's finally my turn to throw the cap! Also, please catch your cap, else it's gonna dent when it lands, ouch.

University was not an easy path. First year, first semester was the best high time of my uni life but it also wrecked me the most. I was introduced to so many things, including clubs lol. I enjoyed everything, from the camps, the friends, the late nights and all the fun we had. Every other week we would be hitting the clubs, else it was just another all-nighter to indulge in liver-damage activities, not to study. It was so often, alcohol was like water. What used to be my favourite sour plum shots, I now cringe at them eversince I puked cause of it. I started to skip lessons as a result of my sleep cycle being compromised, wasn't even sure w…

Rimmel Magnif’Eyes Eyeshadow Contouring Palette

Makeup that will not break the bank!

Rimmel London has launched it's latest Rimmel Magnif’Eyes SPICE Eyeshadow Contouring Palette. 12 different shades in this warm palette, it gets you covered for any occasion. This palette is suitable for all skin tones, with satin, matte and shimmer shades. You can customise your look from bare nude to bold, in just one kit.

Here's swatches of the 12 different shades of equal intensity swatched. If you're using the first 2 shades, you'll need to apply more, as they are slight less visible. 
The orangey-red warm tones goes so well with any outfits, especially my monochromes. There are tons of eyeshadow palettes out there, but if you're someone who's just starting to learn how to put eyeshadows (like me), this kit would come in handy. The smooth texture makes it easy to apply and blend. The formula is crease-resistant, perfect for long-wearing. It also comes with a duo- stick applicator which is easy to control.

Even though it…

Khao Yai x BKK 2018

It's been awhile since my last holiday. Somehow I always find myself back in Thailand! 
This time we decided to check out Khao Yai. It is gradually becoming more popular among the tourists. I'm gonna pen down the places we have been and what we have done on this one week trip! (4 June 2018 - 10 June 2018) We were going to Khao Yai for the first 3 days, and BKK in the next 4 days.

Day 1
It was a morning flight at 0635 with Scoot for SGD 176.57 (per pax without check in) and arrived in BKK airport at 0800. Time for our roadtrip after collecting our car from the Europcar. All the rental car services had booths at the airport. Everything was swift as we made a booking online beforehand. Note: Remember to check the condition of the car thoroughly.

1. Kua Kampan

After a 2 hours drive, we finally stopped over for lunch, where we had a taste of their homely Thai food in a cosy and open-air setting. Perfect to chill with cheap beers 🍻We went a little overboard with our very first meal in K…