Thursday, 1 June 2017

Uber Aesthetics U-White Signature Treatment

Just a month ago in the midst of exam preparation, I ended up in sleep deprivation, taking a toll on my skin. Fortunately, I got to rejuvenate my skin for just a short period after one session of Uber Aesthetics U-White Signature Treatment, and there were visible results. (Of course results would be better and more obvious for more sessions.)

This 3- steps treatment compromises of Angel White Toning Laser followed by Instant Radiant Peel & Hydrating Mask. It targets pigmentary skin conditions including freckles, sun spots, acne scars, hyper pigmentations, resulting in even skin tone and improved skin health.

Personally, it was pretty evident that my face became whiter and smooth just after one treatment.

Now, you can get to enjoy the first trial of U-White treatment @$68.00 (U.P. $300.00) but if you use code "ngsabrina" you can enjoy a one time treatment  @$58.00 only.
Call @uber_aesthetics at +65 65090033 or +65 66340049 for further enquiries and consultation.
Terms and conditions need doctor assessment.
Individual results may vary.

Monday, 8 May 2017

MissyBrow - Eyebrow Embroidery

Brow Goals with effortless makeup with eyebrows embroidery!
This is the second time I'm doing this, the first was about 2+/3 years ago at a shop, let's name it XYZ. Hence whatever that I'm gonna share, is first hand experience comparison.

I know it looks super painful during the process with the micro blades and what nots. But anesthetics are applied for 15-20 minutes. Truth is the pain don't really exist till the anesthetics wears off. Here comes the difference between Missy Brow & XYZ.

At XYZ, they used the micro-blading technique, leaving behind hair line strokes. It was quite painful after the anesthetics wore off. The entire time after the whole process was over, and getting out of the mall, it hurt for about 1-2 hours. I could feel the stinging pain, and I wanted to cry. It was really unbearable, but thank god for a friend who was there trying to distract me, making it better.  Also, the colouring made my eyebrows look so dark, and I didn't really want to head out until the colour faded.

However at Missybrow, it was Semi-permanent Microblading Techinque, leaving a Soft Misty Powdery finish. Of course, the anesthetics wore off as well. However, I only felt the pain for less than 10minutes after it wore off. The process was fast and precise, because the anesthetics could only last that long. Furthermore, it looked so natural immediately after that. Trust me on that, cause I didn't feel hideous and could head for my other 2 appointments on the same day after that.

Find out more about the process in this video!! It's a good investment to have on pointe eyebrows that can last at least 2 years.

Do check out @missybrow88 on Instagram! Quote Sabrina for 20% off any services ❤️!

Monday, 23 January 2017

Collagen Beauty Booster x Expressions

Being in Singapore means 24/7 summer all year round = dying skin. Exposure to UV rays accelerates the lost of collagen, creating more fine lines & wrinkles especially around eyes and mouth areas. Makeup does wonders but not when it comes to reducing fine lines.

To improve, it is preferable to address the root of the problem rather than just applying collagen serums on our skin. Therefore, knowing that it is safe to take these supplements, it helps to build collagen within your system by improving circulation throughout the body.

Collagen capsules can strengthen blood vessels and improve their elasticity. Collagen fortifies your blood vessels to improve circulation throughout the body. Blood and nutrients are delivered to your skin, resulting in healthy, radiant and youthful-looking skin and Promote Healing of Injuries.

Expressions had offered me an option of Collagen Beauty Booster recently, and tbh there were some visible results but of course they weren't very obvious. When it comes to supplements intake, it is always more advisable to take it for quite a period of time. However within a course of a month, there were already slight improvements shown in terms of lesser fine lines around my eye area. Also, My skin became less dry and more hydrated with this collagen boost. If you're hesitant about the ingredients, fret not, research have shown that collagen peptides are safe and it contains natural ingredients that can be easily digested.
                                  Before                                       After

So there was slight improvement (within 26 days) near the fine line at the side of my lips, pretty much effective given that it was within a month. If you're keen do hop on over to Expressions located in Orchard & Thomson or to save the trouble you can make your purchases on their website as well!


6235 9890
10:30 AM - 8:30 PM MON - FRI
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM SAT - SUN


6358 1555 
10:30 - 8:00 MON - FRI
10:00 - 5:00 ALTERNATE SAT - SUN

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

BIORIGINE TEA- For a flatter tummy, for a healthier you!

As much as being pretty slim, having a flat tummy is v important imo! My tummy gets in the way at times, cause clothing would look as great as what they ought to be. Honestly this tea makes me feel better and lighter every morning during the entire course of this programme. I didn't lose a lot of weight in this process but rather my weight maintained and I felt healthier.

People around me would know that I ain't a fan of tea, so for me to start on a 15 days programme could be quite a turn off for me. But being aware of the after results- of a flatter tummy via detox and it also appeases your appetite and boost metabolism rate, I decide to give BiOrigine Mon Programme Ventre Plat tea a shot. Originating from France together with 100% organic ingredients, of course I had to put it to good use right?

This 2- step process is haste free and it tastes decently good for me, so fret not if you ain't a tea-lover like me. This process includes a cup of tea in the morning and at night.

Jour Tea (Morning)
This is a morning boost tea to be taken before meals. Its special formulation of verbena, mint and sweet orange helps to energise the body, boosts metabolic rate and digestion.

Nuit tea (Night)
The Nuit or ‘night’ tea is meant for before bedtime/ after meals. This tea contains green tea and mint which mainly helps to lessen bloated problems. It gets uncomfortable to head to bed with a bloated tummy after a full dinner, so this tea aids in overcoming this issue for me.

Expressions is having a promotion currently:



Head on down to their stores located in Orchard & Thomson to get your hands on this tea, or also check out their website
With the upcoming festive seasons, this could come in handy to keep healthy (:

121 Penang Road #01-02 Regency House
Singapore 238464
10:30 am – 8:30 pm Mon – Fri
10:00 am – 5:30 pm Sat – Sun

Upper Thomson
2 Sin Ming Road #01-06 Sin Ming Plaza
Singapore 575583
10:30 – 8:00 Mon – Fri
10:00 – 5:00 Alternate Sat – Sun

Sunday, 20 November 2016


X'mas feels with these easy to maintain mini potties send over by FloralGarageSG. These cute plants are definitely easy to manage while looking so fine.

With this upcoming festive season, do check out Christmas Tree SG to get you and your family soaked in this joyous occasion!

For someone who loves to experiment and build your own greens, floralgarage also provide DIY kits- terrariums. Also, if you're looking for any bouquets for your loved ones, look no further cause you can get them with FloralGarage. If you're guy and find it really nerve wrecking to pick the right flowers for your girl, you'll love the service even more! Because with these flowers experts, they can get it all arranged for you ;-)

You can trust them to deliver smiles anytime, anywhere today :*
So get on down and be merry this season!

Monday, 2 May 2016

SANA Maikohan BB Cream

It's super troublesome to be a lady at times, having to make sure we gotta take care of our skin. Applying skincare products can amount up to different components, from serum, cream, makeup base, foundation, face powder, concealer, prevent sebum, and UV (sunscreen) to adding more colours. Sounds a hell lot of products yeah? Hence we now understand one of the reason that explains why girls take so long at the dressing table! 

With SANA Maikohan BB Cream, it has 8 functions in just 1 BB Cream. How amazing is it? Say yes to more beauty sleep!!

Using the new technology, BB Cream changes to powder-like texture in 3 seconds after application, therefore there's no need for face powder anymore!  This silky fit powder covers pores and the skin's roughness naturally. Unnoticeable oily-pores gone.

The cocoon silk fit structure leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturised inside, ending with an amazing silky smooth touch. Essentially there are 6 kind of extracts keeping your skin moist all day- cheery blossoms extract, camellia oil, soybean isoflavone, Hyaluronic acid NA, Caramide 2 and Squalane. 

The cream provides the moisturising effect and the powder creates the finishing!

Given SG's terrible weather nowadays, touching up of make up every one in 2-3 hours become a common sight. However the original formula prevents sweat and sebum, which hence prevents makeup run-off and dryness = makeup lasts longer (last more than 10 hours!)

Personally I really really love the light fragrances of the cherry blossoms!! (plus points) and how it feels so light-weighted, allowing my skin to breathe despite covering all 8 functions in only 1 tube alone. It is perfect for travelling and to bring around this handy BB Cream (:

SANA Maikohan BB Cream is available in 2 shades- light beige and natural beige with SPF 35PA++, retailing at S$24.90, available at all SASA stores.

Do head down to or to find out more about this product. 

Friday, 29 April 2016

Blackbox x Que Origin

Helloooo Sunshine berries!!

Paying to much attention to your face, what about you body? Have you taken time to spend some tender care for it? Be it what gender, our skin is prone to absorbing all types of particles, both good and bad. So why not focus on treating it with organic products!

Que Origin provides you with nourishing body care. Their Shower Bath can be used as a body wash and bubble bath. Formulate with natural oil, infused with botanical extracts, and scented with only natural essential oil from Australia, you can no say NO to harsh chemicals.

It offers 3 different scented shower bath- Lavender, Lemongrass, Rose.
Calming and soothing qualities of natural respective (Lavender & Lemongrass) essential oil, leaves you feel all relaxed and refreshed. Enriched with skin soothing aloe vera, moisturizing argan oil, this shower gel gently cleanses, nourishes and hydrates your body. 

Personally, I preferred the Lemongrass Shower Bath, it's what you usually smell in spa centres!! Totally relaxing and at ease :) The scents goes easy on your nose and the texture is light and non-oily. Que Origin without doubt, does not compromise quality over value. It transform your daily shower into a serene aromatherapy sanctuary.

BlackBox is now having their limited exclusive edition customised BlackBox x QueOrigin going at $15.90 (u.p $20.80).  Available in 2 flavour sets to choose from- The Lemongrass shower set & The Rose Geranium shower set.

Riding on Mother's Day promotion, quote 'BBLOVESMOM' to enjoy an additional 35% off storewide with a min. $60 purchase. To shop for more goodies to enhance your overall well-being, do head over to for more info. Similarly the direct shop link at

Glam Palm

-so!! happy!!! Finals!!! are over!!!! I be back bringing about beauty tips after intensive hardcore studying for the past week 😁-

Styling have never been this easy, till this hair straightener by GlamPalm makes it easy peasy, lemon squeezy :P

Typical girls, we all know how long they usually take to dress up. Not the normal dress up of pulling out a top and a bottom and you're good to go barefaced kind of day, but I mean those days where you dolled up and your hair makes a difference.

This straightener save the time spent on doing your hair, just so you can see your date sooner! It takes only a few seconds for it to be heated up, depending on the temperature you set it to be. You can toggle your temperature within a range of 100-200. Fast and efficient!

This straightener is accompanied with two styling clips. To enhance efficiency, you can divide your hair into partitions using these clips to hold them. Especially handy for people with long thick hair!!

Prepping and get ready can be quite stress and hence panic mode, till we forget about switching of the appliance. With the Guardian Angel Technology, it ensures that your unit shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. Now you no longer have to worry about having to rush back home in the midst of enjoying your date!

With its healing stone technology, throw out that idea of having dry, damaged hair whenever an after-straightening/curling! Secret mineral drawn from the mines deep in South Korean mountains protects your hair from the excessive heat.

Having said all these, not only does it work as a straightener but also as a curler!! I can now tame my tresses and step out of the house looking all fresh and stylish within minutes (:
GlamPalm carries various models to cater to a variety of different individuals, as shown:

GlamPalm is offering a Mother's Day package, help make your mommy feel even more beautiful everyday (:
Basically tamper yourself and your moms today at $448 for 2!! (usual $598.) 
Quote 'MOTHERSDAY' to enjoy this promotion when you checkout at

Welcoming well-set hair throughout the day :D

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Nails Play

This time round really satisfied with how the way my nails turned out c/o Nails Play (:
They were able replicate the image of the nails I wanted out irl. 

honestly the picture doesn't do justice to how it looks like in real life.

It was pretty much a long day for me and I was honestly super shag from travelling around in the day, but I was hoping that I could at least rest at the nail parlour. And yes when I got there, indeed, their hospitable services and amicable nail artists with amazing skills made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Nails Play is located in the central
@ Blk 555 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-1952 Singapore 560555
You can take bus 25, 73, 261 from AMK Interchange (AMK Hub) and alight 3 stops later! 
It is located beside a palatable tsze char stall which you can always conveniently stop by for a meal. I've personally tried the food, it was really good and worth the price.

Book your appointment with them @6455 0828 or 6455 8060!
Quote "Sabrina" for 10% off
Like their FB page or Instagram and be entitled to an additional 5% off!

Mani Gel- $50

Pedi Gel- $65
Mani & Pedi Gel- $95 (all day)
Mani & Pedi Gel- $88 (11.30pm- 4.30pm)

They provide free soak off too even if your previous manicure isn't done by them (:
Check out their art :
Thank You Nails Play

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Have you found your boobs yet?

When you know you have a lot of deadlines coming. But because it's really overflowing, you end up staring straight at them deadlines. Here I am, taking some time off and squeezing in an interesting write up (:

So, what is it really like to have a small chest?

{Before you guys get disgusted or critical about what's coming up, everything mention is from my personal stand. You have the liberty to stop here if you feel uncomfortable (: }

In your early teenage days where your chest is small but putting on a bikini doesn't take your confidence away, just because you're still developing! A late bloomer, perhaps. Now it's a total different issue, when you know you're already hitting the womanhood. I can't help but to feel insecure. Not being able to avoid judgeful remarks or stares when you head to the beach in a bikini. Shopping for bikinis can be quite a chore. Next, pulling off plunging neckline tops becomes awful. You gotta to be so cautious of the type of clothes you don on. Personally, I love halter necks and turte necks.

But why are we conforming to society's norm that boobs equals womanhood? A woman isn't define by her body or least say her boobs. She is who she is by how she portrays herself and how she thinks. Boobs are plainly fats gathered on your chest right? There is no need to feel insecure about what others think of you. Insecurity only makes you feel bad about yourself, taking away your fun and happiness, which should never be the case. You want your boobs to become bigger not cause of what others say, but for yourself. When you look good, you feel good! It is a pain when you have everything ready, but just your flat chest getting in your way?

As much as going under the knife is the fastest option for bigger chest, according to studies it's pretty hard and unnatural. You can save yourself the pain. There are other methods to make your boobs larger without having to go under the knife.

Recently I was introduced to Expressions Bust Secret. It contains world famous active natural ingredients- 30 extract of natural plants, stimulating production of hormones and collagen to moisturize, smooth and rejuvenate skin cells. Within 2 weeks of usage, there is already seen slight increment.

It corrects your boobs by increasing the elasticity of skin, resulting in a smooth and strengthened skin with the combination of pueraria lobata and soy extract restructures. This increases the contour and accentuate your curves, giving you a fuller bust. 

Lifting, Fullness, Elasticity
Yes, as simple as using this bust secret formulation regularly, you can start being comfortable in you skin, showing off your finest asset girl! 
Anyone with breast issues, for example, flat chest, imperfect breast, chest swelling/pain, saggy breast after pregnancy, can use this.
Au natural with for fuller bust

*Results are based on individual. 
*Avoid usage during pregnancy, breastfeeding or puberty.

Many breast enlargement process in parlours requires massages to spur on the enzymes in your boobs to make it more active. Expressions have also come up with a breast massager. This massager serves many various functions, other than breast therapy including facial, arms, back, abdomen, hip, thighs, legs therapy. The best part about this is that you can use it as and when you want! It is light and portable, you can do it at the comfort of your own space!(:

How this massager works?
-  remove fats in your desired areas by activating the cells. 
- smooth and repair cellulite, loose or dimple skin by sucking and massaging actions
- removes unwanted cellulite, belly fats and stretch marks
- fuller and firmer breast
- improves blood circulation of breast
- prevent breast lumps

Woman faces different chest progress at different stages:
12-18 years: Breast development
19-28 years: Breast slow period
29-38 years: Breast stagnation
>39 years: Breast recession

The massager aids a woman lifestyle in her various life stages in the following areas:
12- 18 years: help breast develop fully
19-28 years: adjust the breast to enhance breast growth
29-38 years: activate breast tissue, to develop vibrant, firm and full breast
>39 years: prevent degradation and implement functional reconstruction of breast

Having said all these, everyone has their own rightful perceptions of what and how boobs should be. As long as you pursue what makes you happy and confident in your own natural skin.

Remember to checkout with 'GIVEME10' to be entitled to 10% off any purchases! (:

Monday, 8 February 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL YOU EARTHLINGS HEHEHE, falling sick during this period doesn't help to hype up the low festive atmosphere this year. Anywhooooos, I'm thankful that this year amidst the cny snacking and good food, there's Expressions to help minimize my tummy or if not at least maintain it.

I am pretty sure the first thing that came to your mind simply by reading the title would be," You so slim need to undergo slimming meh?" Well, never to judge a book by its cover. Initially I did not know what to expect at first when I was approached by Expressions cause slimming treatments never once crossed my mind. However little did I know that this could be the start of where no longer have to fuss over my tummy fats anymore!

Without having prior knowledge in what's suitable for me I went down for my first consultation at The Regency House. I also declared my desire to get rid of my tummy fats. I can seem to lose fats easily everywhere else of my body except the tummy. Many would agree that tummy fats is the most difficult part to lose.

There are various types of slimming services provided by Expressions hence it is best to seek the consultant's advice to determine the most suitable treatment cater for you. The consultant had recommended me the Body System Treatment (30 mins) which aims to slim my tummy! It helps to increase metabolism rate and allows the enzymes to be more active which will help to burn them annoying fats, at the same time reducing cellulite. 

I was ready to start once I had changed into an appropriate attire and disposable undergarments. Yes, no hygenie issues!
This slimming procedure works by supplying electrical current to stimulating the muscles via the high vibrations. In the process, the body and muscles will tighten, resulting in the increase of metabolism. To enhance its effectiveness, infrared pads were stuffed within the wrap to assist the burning of fats. 

Fret not about being electrocuted. The wires were neatly arranged within the wrap to prevent any electric shocks. During this 30 mins treatment, the comfortable vibrations on my tummy at regular intervals merely felt like a massage. 

Being new to this, the therapist had gently increase the voltage progressively to my comfortable level. It is essential to pick a voltage that your body is receptive towards, so don't be too greedy to harm your body unknowingly.

Expressions is also currently having a PROMOTION FOR BODY SYSTEM!! You can purchase the treatment voucher for $48 only

On contrary to popular beliefs, many would assume that Expressions offers slimming treatments, however they do provide facial as well. While the machine was working on my tummy, a therapist was simultaneously working on my face as well. The therapist had performed a Cure Facial together with oxygen machine which has spray hydrating essence function. I love it when the therapist uses strength in their massages, absolutely relaxing heheh. I must really say the therapist that day had done a brilliant job in her massages and facial skills.

It has been about 3-4 months since I last did my facial, and my skin is generally on a dry side. Hence this facial was definitely timely to take care of my skin especially with the upcoming Chinese New Year. Towards the end of the facial, my face was pampered with a Rose mask. I loved the smell of it!! (I used to think that rose mask smelled slightly unpleasant, but not anymore) I left with my skin feeling cleaner, more hydrated and rejuvenated.

(pardon my bare face after facial, but I left a happy girl (: )

Of course losing fats isn't just solely base on machineries, you have to do your part too! I was introduced to Expressions Slim Juice and Wheat Brand and Psyllium Capsules. It was a 3 day Slimming/ Detoxification journey. Eating clean and early was part of the 3 day program too. This meant cutting down on red meats, no rice, or any carbo -related, more greens and fruits slow in sugar were advisable. 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Ten Rascals

Wanna look stylish while carrying your laptops around? Look nowhere cause Ten Rascals produces quality laptop sleeves! I am absolutely in love with it. Its material and well protected design, makes me want to carry my laptop around. The hassle of having to carry my laptop around becomes less of an issue for me now.

Ten Rascals laptop sleeves are 100% designed and made in Singapore. *Support Local Entrepreneurship!!* They use high quality polyester fabric, smooth inner quilt lining and plush padding to give my laptop a complete protection against light knocks and scratches. The lid is sealed with horizontal strips of complementary- coloured Velcro. No longer don't I have to suffer mini shocks whenever my laptop accidentally hits onto something. 

Things can get rather awkward if you happened to see someone else carrying the same sleeve as you. However at Ten Rascals, the laptop sleeves are limited. Each sleeve is carefully crafted one at a time. So you can save yourself form some awkwardness and enjoy some exclusiveness. You will be spoilt for choice at the various designs they offer too!

It is would be good to invest in a laptop sleeve to avoid any heartbreaks from scratches on your expensively invested laptops! Quote 'ngsabrina' and get $1 off your bill today! The best part is that there's no shipping fee when you shop with Ten Rascals :D

Monday, 21 December 2015

Trick Eye Museum

If you thinking of what's left to do during this holiday season, have you checked out the NEWLY renovated Trick Eye Museum? Since its opening in June 2014, many have at least paid a visit to Trick Eye Museum. Not enough, not engaging? Well, here's something you would like to read!

Trick Eye Museum Singapore is enhancing your experience with them! It was closed down in the last 2 weeks of October this year, to undergo some renovation. Despite being located in a tourist attraction place, many locals and of course tourist will never leave out this attraction sight in their itinerary!

In order to keep up with its high traffic, this time round Trick Eye Museum is bringing to you more exciting 3D art pieces, including - 'Supernatural' & 'Fantasy', together with its improved impressive existing exhibits. You can't help it, but just keep coming back for more!

No longer stuck with purely taking 3D photos! They have included an Interactive 4D concept artwork which captures your face and connect your experience by having you in their animated images! Keeping up with the X'mas season, the interactive dance and song was made for Christmas. This was really cute and engaging. Be sure to try this out when you're there!!

Living up to its name as 'The World's Best 3D Museum', Trick Eye Museum Singapore has revamped itself,  and you won't be disappointed! With 6 themed zones - 'Trick World', 'Excitement', 'Mystery', ' Fairytale', 'Fantasy' and 'Supernatural' ; I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss out capturing mind-blowing moments!

I would love to believe I own my own pet unicorn heheh 😁 

Trick Eye Museum
26 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098138

Contact: 6795 2370
official blog at

Thank you The Influencer Network (TIN) & Trick Eye Museum for the warm invite. I truly had fun with all the interactive and lively exhibits!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Palette Nail

Holidays call for some pampering session!
Last week I visited my Nail Sponsor, Palette Nail at their newly- opened second outlet at Vivocity #02-158.
Their very first nail salon is located at The Star Vista #B1- 20 in Buona Vista

Walking into Palette Nail, feels like home, clean and spacious. Everything was in an orderly fashion. I am really fond of minimalistic concepts. This was unlike your usual pinkish, princess-like, floral concept. 

Grey and slate coloured walls decorated with black and white furniture, with the only exception of colours at its nail colours range. With its great, peaceful ambience, you can definitely stop by after a day of shopping and spoil yourself with some good spa too!

Did you know that the length of your nail plate contributes to the strength of your nails?

Hence it is recommended to apply nail strengthener coat on your bare nails and also opt for gelish to make your nails stronger!

Palette Nail is currently having a promotion this festive season!
(1) A full set of Christmas Nail Art $25-$35
(2) Additional 10% off for Spa on top of any service

I got treated to a set of gel manicure and pedicure.
 I have never done gel pedicures before, so I was quite excited to see the results! I usually self apply classic pedicures, which was of course in comparison rather sub- standard hahah. Hence, I guess my toes skin/ nails would be quite off form. 

The nail beautician who attended to me did a commendable job. Meticulous, patient and dedicated. Removing the dead skin, buffing and taking care of my toenails and the skin around it. I enjoyed the legs mint scrub which left me feeling fresh and smooth, followed by a relaxing leg massage!

I chose a soft, gentle, pastel lilac for my little toes, and a greyish white gradient for my big toes!
I kept it simple for my pedicure and skipped the nail arts and 3D designs. 

However it's different when we come to..... Manicure!

I got myself something new for this merry festive season!Colours that I have never chosen before.
 A shade of blue gradient as my base with nail art- Snowflakes and the usual Snowman :)
Wanting to keep things less fanciful, and being quite careless at times, I skipped the 3D designs too.
If you're interested and wondering what 3D designs they offer, they have a variety of gemstones, 

Christmas studs inclusive of snowflakes, and many others)
You will be spoiled for choice!

Sounds good and looks good? With the ongoing promotion, you're in for a deal!

Make your appointment with these dedicated manicurist at their brand new
 Vivocity outlet (63975800) or The Star Vista outlet (66940818)

Thank you Palette Nail for these lovely, beautiful designs.
I definitely adore them 😘