Laneway 2015

Laneway Festival 2015

I wasn't exactly sure if I was into indie music. However I was given an opportunity to appreciate it, thanks to samsung :) 

Having been put in Laneway Festival for more than 10hours.... I have definitely appreciated such a genre and found out that maybe indie music isn't TOTALLY my thang but there's always room for it on my playlist.

One thing for sure was the scorching sun= absurdly unbearable, I probably grew a few shades darker. Hence looking more like a Chinese with other mixes that I usually get :'( 

However it's a totally different story as soon as the sun went down. Everyone became more pumped up and the crowd became more entertaining (high possibility that it's cause of the alcohol effect settling in) people went to the extend of camping at our booth to wait an hour for the winner to be announce while thinking of weird and exotic poses and taking selfies (such as having a muscular 1.83m guy being carried on the shoulders of a petite lady/  going on their knees to form pyramids) just so they could take what they presumed the best selfie so as to win a Samsung Galaxy Ace.

So... after a whole day of contacts... My eyes have grown to be terribly red over this one well since Monday, and has definitely reached its peak tonight. Tbh, I've no idea how my eye started to become red since Monday but it just gradually got worst and only started to hurt since last night :( (highly suspect it a burst of blood vessels related issue lol, but ain't got time for the doctor this week :'( )

Pitcures time!!
Work isn't that bad when you see familiar faces around... Esp those long time no see!!!! 

(thanks to technlogy, selfies are now way easier to capture just by having the camera detect your palm)
(this totally looked like I'm photoshopped in, but NO, the crowd is legit, and this is only a section of the whole area)

(What's wrong with my Sharingan?)

Lastly thank you Samsung for this opportunity (-:


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