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Happy Mid Week Y'all (-:
A week ago, 9 wishes had sent me some of their products with some samples from Korea to try out (really sweet of them 💓) They provide a large range of skincare product, which I'll elaborate on in no time!

9 wishes is a highly recognised company for it's skincare products. Because of their reputable skincare products which works wonder, many have headed over to Korea in search of 9 wishes themselves. The many well deserving recognitions 9 wishes have earned.

Wanna know what many celebrities in Korea have been using?

(stay tuned for their upcoming promotion this February)

(before, after) 

This multitasking complexion enhancer is alcohol- free, fragrance- free. Formulated with a combination of vitamin B3, B5, C, E and botanical extracts to improve skin tone, texture while minimising the appearance of fine lines and pores (as shown in the pic above).

All you need is just a small drop of it and it's sufficient to cover the whole face. One tube of it has last me 2-3 months!

Personally, I love this product best. I've never like to put powder or concealer on my face for normal days or even for modelling activities. For me, layers and layers of make up or any skincare product on my face is a big no no. Therefore, this vanishing balm is the only product I apply on my face together with my sunblock before heading out. I absolutely love how it is so weightless and undetectable to the touch

2) Toner

Enriched with 92 % rice bran extract (which helps in whitening), formulates to refine skin's texture and restore hydration. It's as simple as just gently applying it on clean face and neck after cleansing!

3) Concentrating Serum

 Likewise it's enriched with 92% rice bran formula, hydrates and restoring the skin's natural radiance.
3 drops and your face would be well taken care of.

we all know what comes after applying the serum......

4) yes, it's the moisturizer
But 9 wishes stands out because they believe in using Rice Radiance Moisturizer

Rice bran water in this luxurious cream helps to retains moisture allowing the skin to remain hydrated all day long. The whitening and refining formula improves the appearance of fine lines, revealing brightenss and radiance. This definitely strengthens the skin's own moisture barrier.

5) Rice Enzyme
With all the daily skincare products, but your skin still fails to brighten up?

Try out 9 wishes rice powder polish! This brightening exfoliating mask contains micro-ground rice powder infused with rice bran water, will release your dead surface skin cells. Additionally, it exceptionally softens the skin while remaining moisturised and visibly bright.

6) Water-aid hydro essence
Calling out to those with ultra dry/ peeling skin?

This LIGHT moisturizing hydro essence cream instantly provides MAXIMUM hydration & MINIMIZES sebum level.

It's other know as Time-release moisturization

7) Pure face oil

Still fussing over your dull skin? This face oil with super 12 complex oils will immediately moisturise your skin while hydration is preserved all day long for a natural, healthy glow. You'll be able to achieve a luminosity that originates deep within the layer of your skin.

1 drop is all you need to let your skin start glowing today!

So excited to start using these products regularly to see the effects!!! (other than the Vanishing Balm, which I've already long trusted and seen the effects) Till then I'll do a write up on the effects of their products on me!

Stay tune these few days to find out more about their upcoming promotion this February. DON'T MISS OUT ON THE GOOD THAT'S GONNA COME!! ( I promise you, you're in for a deal (: )
Do head on to http://www.9wishes.co.kr/ to start taking good care of your skin with reputable 9 wishes today! 

It's gonna be horrible if this cny visiting you get remarks from relatives about dull skin right? With the chance to say hello to brighter and smoother skin this Chinese New Year, I say why not try out 9 wishes?

Thank you for reading, love sab.


  1. Hi Sabrina :) are you still using 9wishes products? If so, do you know what happened to 9wishes? I used to buy it from qoo10 but it's not available anymore. Also, the packaging seems to have changed... For example, the serum has changed from 92% to 72% and I think the name is different too. I hope you have some answers, because I don't read Korean :(


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