Goodbye Baggages

I can finally bid goodbye to 2014, no more just month after months, but rather the entire whole year for good. -throws confetti round 1-

2014 hasn't been an easy year. The vision of 2014 was that you're gonna be put into situations that aren't comfortable to the flesh. Yet, being through hiccups (that others hardly go through or at least not the people around me would have experienced) there was no one to get advice from or understand the situation, moulded me into someone stronger and dependent than before. I found comfort in the worst situations. After all, despite whatever the matter is, no one truly understands you, cause they are not you. & because they are not you, you're unique my dear.

The most calm and seemingly have it all together people are those who fight the craziest battles on the inside and underneath the surface, they're the ones paddling like mad swans to stay afloat. We all have our own internal battles to fight, regardless of magnitude. Don't try to be someone else. 2015, be you.

Fancy bumping into some people only a year later when the year's coming to an end, reveals the realisation how much things have changed over a year. Looking back, yes I dread some of the events to the core, but I won't regret. Things happen for a reason. Don't doubt. Because you're capable of handling such situations. You're limitless. Stop looking for happiness at places where you lost it.

For my school buddy that makes going to school less torturous.
For my roomies and those friends, for easing the pain of staying in hall.
For the best friend, whom I can always be there for despite different schedules.
For friends, whom we drank together from plastic cups especially drinking from king's cup (cause i'm a royalty like that kidding). Watching the night sky turn into brightly-lit sky. On more terrible days, realising that the night sky had become the same night sky it was the next day.
Special mention to the marketing groupmates, who have been so understanding in the first semester.
For uni, for opening my eyes to so many more things and changing my life in a certain angle.
For those friends who have been sticking by till today 2015, thank you for letting me know that I do have friends.
For You, for the works You've done in my life thus far.
That's my 2014 for you.

At least last few days of 2014 were well spent with really good company. Received two books to accompany me for the new year ahead (: can't wait to dive in to my books!! 

(As promise in the past entry)
2014 taught me many many life lessons:

1. Life's a school where I'm learning each day. Problems are gonna come crashing you down but they are gonna fade as fast as how this second has already passed you by. At least these lessons unlike school lessons, they are gonna last a lifetime.
2. People judge things they don't understand.
3. Don't waste your time on gossips, precious. You're worth so much more that that.
4. This world ain't all rosy and sunny, it's filled with pretentious people with fakes smiles.
5. You are beautiful to me as long as you have a big heart, a deep mind and a great personality.
6. Things will be difficult before they can get easy.
7. Hold on to those who never left you.
8. What touches you is what you touch.
9. Worry less, do more. Be brave, do things you've never done before.
10. You're much more than you think you are.

Goodbye 2014, I'm leaving all my baggages behind. -throws confetti round 2-

New year resolutions? Half the time people say, but they never live up to them. I don't really believe in drafting up such just cause of a new year. The list changes as months passes by and you just add spices to the empty list. You don't have to proclaim your works to the world. 

I'm anticipating what this year has installed for me. As much as I fear what the future holds, my excitement for 2015 overwrites it all. I really wanna get myself into some activities like a sport/ gym/ swim or something. It's time to get fit internally and externally. Gonna find the motivation and confidence somewhere somehow to get my ass moving. Change is difficult. That's why trying to maintain and improve my typos is another goal hahah 
So till then, 2015 you better be kind. Here's to a year of loving myself, and loving others more. Pretty hyped up to know what's 2015 vision!! 

One of the many things for 2015: I'm pretty sure I'm overcoming my fears of animals, well at least dogs. Not only in this issue, but I understood what it meant by to overcome your fears was to face them. 

This was exactly on 1 Jan 2015!!


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