Good Riddance

Find something that anchors you.
Something that keeps you looking forward.

One more month and I'll be so done with the first semester whoops finally.
HSS & Hall Welfare Pack are coming in, but this only means nothing but bringing us one step closer to doomsday. Can I say that the HSS Biz Mag really up there, they got hoyu/ hair dyes (for those really stressed up with white hair haha) sponsors & chewy junior for us?? Go get your HSS Welfare Pack tmr!! It's the last day(: Got mini panic attack right up in the morning today, realising there's so many things to study for till I don't wanna study anymore ): I don't even know where to start. This stress level is slowly taking it's peak overtime. Emotional stress/ tiredness & piles of lost work with no idea where to start from, really adds on to the stress from this competitive aura. I THINK I'M NOT CUT OUT FOR SCHOOL. hahah.

Time's really passing way too fast as we grow older each day. FINALS IN 15 DAYS. Having said that, there's still many things to be seasoned to and to explore in such short time. Don't people know that time is just as precious too? Time's like your virginity for god sake. If anything, the greatest thing to give to one would be your time. So appreciate whatever time spent

Time- has become such a common topic for me from time to time, cause I know how it feels like to have so many things I wanna see settle and happening in this short time period left. But sometimes situations leave you in fixes that you'll never be able too accomplish what you really wanted. All you're left to do is to suck it up and move along.

It's absurd how stress periods makes me miss people and make me wanna spend more quality time with them. But no, where to dig out all these time?? 

I thought I should just share this to anyone in any plight, someone's exact words for me,' Don't try to keep up with life, just live it in a way you know how. It's your life, there's no keeping up to it, we just move along with it. & no matter what situations you're in, trust me it's never something you're not strong enough to handle!' 

Where do you find such people who have such blind faith in you :'( such people who genuinely mean it are rare nowadays. However, I just wanted to let anyone know that no matter what you're facing, know that you're better and stronger than what you think you're really are. If anything, time will bring you through it. It's alright to feel down to feel sad, but don't stay too long in it. The matter/ person that resulted you in the state that you're in wont sympathise you or anything, only you've got yourself. 


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