Don't carry the stress

Sometimes I do get reminded of pursuing my dreams of being an air stewardess, but not everything is able to fit into my life's timeline for now, & the furthest I could ever go is to leave it be as a dream, while I donned on this (SQ-liked) Kaleido Dress. Likewise, probably having a much needed getaway ever since before JC started will also be left as a dream. People can be really selfish, but I'll still do so much for all these people till the end.

It's not exactly finals finals that are tormenting, but it's the surroundings rather.
Anywhere, everywhere, as long as your head be turning, there are bound to be humans studying. This stressful aura can really be quite detrimental. It makes studying even worst lol.

How can people burn midnight oil and just continue function the next day without any sleep?:o I wish I could to.  But nah, my body clock is normal, too normal to be true. I sleep really early in comparison to my roomies and wake up very early too! oops.

Probably the only less down side of my day was that, this morning I woke up really early at 5.50am and headed to central to go for a run.... This time round I miraculously managed to hit my target, after being really disheartened with my running results one month ago. I guess those on and off trainings for the past 3 weeks had worked, after not running in ages since nafa in JC.  Of course, I couldn't have done it without some supernatural force ;-) HAHA. so yeap thank God.

Waking up that early really calls for a much needed nap thereafter, and only got down to my books at 5pm. Studying screws up people to a certain extent in every aspect possible- mentally, emotionally, physical. HAHAH. Itt's stupidly interesting and funny to see that studies/ stress actually reveals the other side of humans. Just 1+ week more of this, and we can just let go~
Hope everyone's still struggling fine, having your head above the water and still breathing well.

{Let it go with the books, don't carry the stress with you}
Till then, study hard my lovely friends :')

Today's my favourite-one-and-only barbie's (that I'll treasure so much even up till this age) bday!!  Happy birthday to you cheeky one, i'll save this space cause everything's meant for you is already in the text, love you (:


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