Slowly but surely things are starting to settle down and fall into place hopefully. You'll always be running laps in my head.

Never understood how it feels like to miss out an important date subconsciously. But I finally understood how it feels like. Yeap so being a very much great daughter, who's been so caught up with school and everything else, wishing my mom HB slipped my mind. As much as we already did have a mini celebration a day bfr the actual one, missing out on the well-wishes on the actual day, honestly makes me feel terrible.

But hb to the most sacrificial mom, and I'll always love you till the end of time. Thank you for everything thus far, from pampering me lately with endless new clothes, whipping up my favourite dishes each time I could get back home for meals just because you hardly see me, (even offering to bring home cooked food to me when I'm so far away from home) to your naggings. I don't think you'll ever get to see this, either am I  really good with words face to face, but I'm just gonna take this chance to at least pour out my appreciation and love for you. I hope things will always be in your favour, and may god continue to make his light shine upon you, to become such a glorious lady of God💎 wherever life takes you, be happy always ❤️


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