The Sam Willows

-Throwback to one week ago-
Yay selfie time!! :D

Impromtu dinner date with my long lost jc kid, turned out to be a blessing in disguise hehehe. (even tho it was raining I was so tempted to go home)
Was walking down streets and there was a crowd across the road that we were heading to.
To my delight, it was The Sam willows!! & I still remembered someone was actually showing me and telling me about Ben few days before I actually bumped into their gig along orchard road. I must admit I was never ever into The Sam Willows even though my fav people liked them; until I saw them lived. Wow his voice is serenading :')  I wished I could share it with you guys how amazing they were esp this lead singer!! Superb talented and cute heh

($1 ice cream on a humid day reminded me of how clumsy I was to spill the ice cream all over my shirt after only few mouths, yes my mouth got hole)

(impromptu dinner at dtf with of few of the guys who pop that morning!!! congrats guys (: )


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