Come home

Colossians 3:14
Most of all let love guide your life.

Have you ever had to get through a day, smiling at people, talking, as if everything was normal and okay, while all the time you felt like you were carrying a leaden weight of unhappiness inside? 
But honey, even a white rose has a black shadow. 

I think I grow too attached to ppl, who I know, will leave. But I can't help it, I see all that you're, when you don't.

Those time I spent trying to fix you, never did I realise that you were breaking me. 
While I was putting back your pieces together, you were ripping mine apart, by the time I realise, it was too late. Where did thy cold heart come from overnight?
All those time what were they?

& in a whirlpool of thoughts, I'm confused.....

Oh wanderer, come home you're not too far off. No matter where you run, you just end up running to yourself. 

A mystery left untold 
"I should have known", end.

(Jesus call me back to you, and I'll learn to lay down my burdens, my shame, my hurt, my heart. Idk where I'm running to, I  tired of drowning myself in long days. I am weary. You said," All who are broken, lift up your face.")


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