Throwback to a week ago, Friday. Good friday was indeed good, despite having stuff back to back (which caused me to forgo meals and having lunch at like 4pm) but the night company kept me going. Finally almost full strength, met my version of ah boys to men, & also the queen who always mia~ To add on the view where we had our dinner at Overeasy was breathtaking! Thanks to our Mamasane Ari for bringing us there ^^
(Light shows always make me feel like a kid all over again, no matter how many times I watched it)
(We caught the blood moon- it was like literally red, and check out the progress of the moon moving in the above two pics. All of us were fascinated lol. The next period of the blood moon is 7-8 oct!! so look out for it then :D)
(I still cannot believe I've got friends that are in army hahahahhahahaha)
(But first let me take a selfie niggaaaaaaa)
People always say Good Friday & Easter Sunday, but no one ever acknowledges the Saturday in between. So here's to my restful blessed Saturday, which I'm so thankful that I got to spend it with the southie, & also embracing the word of God, who actually put people in my life along the way for a reason. I just felt like sharing that that day someone told me something that really etched in my head, and impacted me quite a bit-------"Through the valley of death, God puts a door of hope."
Here comes the rejoicing Resurrection Sunday. My friends asked me why Resurrection Sunday and not Easter Sunday. Well, Easter Sunday its ok too!! Just that I like how the word resurrection has the meaning of Jesus's love for me on the cross when he died and how is it that's He's alive in us again (:
(this was the first deco that welcomed me when I stepped into the house of God!!)
(the beautiful decorations put up by the servers who woke at 7am just for this special day)
(yay after which I travelled back to the other branch to attend service with this special group of kingdom friends)

 All in all, it was an enjoyable long weekend. I mean there's nothing better to be in the house of God and spending time with people whom you haven't met for some time. & knowing that worries, stress and problems, everything that's on your head diminish each time you're back in the house of God, just bring peace to my soul.
I really hate how this week has been putting me in difficult situations (and still is) where I've to sacrifice opportunities and all that kind of thing. Choosing the in betweens sucks, it really does. (pls don't ever make me choose) esp when I can't decide.Yet at the same thing not wanting to offend anyone. I'm so sandwiched. But I know who goes before for me, I know who stands behind, my God of angel armies is always by my side. That's the God I know. When I cannot, My God can. Father, take the wheel, have Your way.


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