Plan for swee choon tonight was screwed, thanks to purple line power failure. really, sbs? step up your game too, power failure on a sunday during peak timing? & expecting ppl to evacuate out of the train but yet closing your doors on them & drove off even bfr the entire crowd evacuated? (ok the door didn't shut on me, but shut in the face of my company)
I know this entire thing isn't a biggie, bcoz to me it wouldn't be if I wasn't feeling how I was feeling then, but try to be me at that point of time, it was. The disappointing issue that I received and I'm forced to act like I was perfectly alright with your decision & how you failed to fight nor put in any effort to handle; top up with the racial (lol, trying to prevent racism issues from stirring up) crowd which was really like sardines, tgt w the shoutings and odour.......
even if you can't imagine, in conclusion Sunday is screwed ok. when things started to screw up it all just happened back to back, there's not even some time for my heart to rest it's feelings. 



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