HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL YOU EARTHLINGS HEHEHE, falling sick during this period doesn't help to hype up the low festive atmosphere this year. Anywhooooos, I'm thankful that this year amidst the cny snacking and good food, there's Expressions to help minimize my tummy or if not at least maintain it.

I am pretty sure the first thing that came to your mind simply by reading the title would be," You so slim need to undergo slimming meh?" Well, never to judge a book by its cover. Initially I did not know what to expect at first when I was approached by Expressions cause slimming treatments never once crossed my mind. However little did I know that this could be the start of where no longer have to fuss over my tummy fats anymore!

Without having prior knowledge in what's suitable for me I went down for my first consultation at The Regency House. I also declared my desire to get rid of my tummy fats. I can seem to lose fats easily everywhere else of my body except the tummy. Many would agree that tummy fats is the most difficult part to lose.

There are various types of slimming services provided by Expressions hence it is best to seek the consultant's advice to determine the most suitable treatment cater for you. The consultant had recommended me the Body System Treatment (30 mins) which aims to slim my tummy! It helps to increase metabolism rate and allows the enzymes to be more active which will help to burn them annoying fats, at the same time reducing cellulite. 

I was ready to start once I had changed into an appropriate attire and disposable undergarments. Yes, no hygenie issues!
This slimming procedure works by supplying electrical current to stimulating the muscles via the high vibrations. In the process, the body and muscles will tighten, resulting in the increase of metabolism. To enhance its effectiveness, infrared pads were stuffed within the wrap to assist the burning of fats. 

Fret not about being electrocuted. The wires were neatly arranged within the wrap to prevent any electric shocks. During this 30 mins treatment, the comfortable vibrations on my tummy at regular intervals merely felt like a massage. 

Being new to this, the therapist had gently increase the voltage progressively to my comfortable level. It is essential to pick a voltage that your body is receptive towards, so don't be too greedy to harm your body unknowingly.

Expressions is also currently having a PROMOTION FOR BODY SYSTEM!! You can purchase the treatment voucher for $48 only

On contrary to popular beliefs, many would assume that Expressions offers slimming treatments, however they do provide facial as well. While the machine was working on my tummy, a therapist was simultaneously working on my face as well. The therapist had performed a Cure Facial together with oxygen machine which has spray hydrating essence function. I love it when the therapist uses strength in their massages, absolutely relaxing heheh. I must really say the therapist that day had done a brilliant job in her massages and facial skills.

It has been about 3-4 months since I last did my facial, and my skin is generally on a dry side. Hence this facial was definitely timely to take care of my skin especially with the upcoming Chinese New Year. Towards the end of the facial, my face was pampered with a Rose mask. I loved the smell of it!! (I used to think that rose mask smelled slightly unpleasant, but not anymore) I left with my skin feeling cleaner, more hydrated and rejuvenated.

(pardon my bare face after facial, but I left a happy girl (: )

Of course losing fats isn't just solely base on machineries, you have to do your part too! I was introduced to Expressions Slim Juice and Wheat Brand and Psyllium Capsules. It was a 3 day Slimming/ Detoxification journey. Eating clean and early was part of the 3 day program too. This meant cutting down on red meats, no rice, or any carbo -related, more greens and fruits slow in sugar were advisable. 

The Slim Juice helps to:
  • burning stubborn fats
  • getting rid of harmful toxins to improve absorption of nutrients
  • create smooth movement for breakdown of food
  • appease appetite all day long
  • reduce tendency of snacking (!! Yes, no more unhealthiness) 

Wheat Brand & Psyllium Supplements (made in the USA exclusively for Expressions) helps to:

  • speed up body's food processing time
  • lower cholesterol levels
  • provide important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  • 100% natural herb, (suitable for vegetarians)

After being introduced to these supplements, both the consultant and I felt that it was unnecessary for me to take on such a regime. I too, could not forgo my usual red meat and rice just to lose my tummy fats entirely. Opportunity cost right? Why would I sacrifice gaining my other parts just for an invisible part HAHAHAHA.

Expressions offers a large range of differentiated products. Be sure to save your pocket by quoting 'GIVEME15' and quote 'Sabrina' under the comments section, to be entitled 15% off during check out on !! :)

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