Ten Rascals

Wanna look stylish while carrying your laptops around? Look nowhere cause Ten Rascals produces quality laptop sleeves! I am absolutely in love with it. Its material and well protected design, makes me want to carry my laptop around. The hassle of having to carry my laptop around becomes less of an issue for me now.

Ten Rascals laptop sleeves are 100% designed and made in Singapore. *Support Local Entrepreneurship!!* They use high quality polyester fabric, smooth inner quilt lining and plush padding to give my laptop a complete protection against light knocks and scratches. The lid is sealed with horizontal strips of complementary- coloured Velcro. No longer don't I have to suffer mini shocks whenever my laptop accidentally hits onto something. 

Things can get rather awkward if you happened to see someone else carrying the same sleeve as you. However at Ten Rascals, the laptop sleeves are limited. Each sleeve is carefully crafted one at a time. So you can save yourself form some awkwardness and enjoy some exclusiveness. You will be spoilt for choice at the various designs they offer too!

It is would be good to invest in a laptop sleeve to avoid any heartbreaks from scratches on your expensively invested laptops! Quote 'ngsabrina' and get $1 off your bill today! The best part is that there's no shipping fee when you shop with Ten Rascals :D


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