Trick Eye Museum

If you thinking of what's left to do during this holiday season, have you checked out the NEWLY renovated Trick Eye Museum? Since its opening in June 2014, many have at least paid a visit to Trick Eye Museum. Not enough, not engaging? Well, here's something you would like to read!

Trick Eye Museum Singapore is enhancing your experience with them! It was closed down in the last 2 weeks of October this year, to undergo some renovation. Despite being located in a tourist attraction place, many locals and of course tourist will never leave out this attraction sight in their itinerary!

In order to keep up with its high traffic, this time round Trick Eye Museum is bringing to you more exciting 3D art pieces, including - 'Supernatural' & 'Fantasy', together with its improved impressive existing exhibits. You can't help it, but just keep coming back for more!

No longer stuck with purely taking 3D photos! They have included an Interactive 4D concept artwork which captures your face and connect your experience by having you in their animated images! Keeping up with the X'mas season, the interactive dance and song was made for Christmas. This was really cute and engaging. Be sure to try this out when you're there!!

Living up to its name as 'The World's Best 3D Museum', Trick Eye Museum Singapore has revamped itself,  and you won't be disappointed! With 6 themed zones - 'Trick World', 'Excitement', 'Mystery', ' Fairytale', 'Fantasy' and 'Supernatural' ; I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss out capturing mind-blowing moments!

I would love to believe I own my own pet unicorn heheh 😁 

Trick Eye Museum
26 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098138

Contact: 6795 2370
official blog at

Thank you The Influencer Network (TIN) & Trick Eye Museum for the warm invite. I truly had fun with all the interactive and lively exhibits!


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