Palette Nail

Holidays call for some pampering session!
Last week I visited my Nail Sponsor, Palette Nail at their newly- opened second outlet at Vivocity #02-158.
Their very first nail salon is located at The Star Vista #B1- 20 in Buona Vista

Walking into Palette Nail, feels like home, clean and spacious. Everything was in an orderly fashion. I am really fond of minimalistic concepts. This was unlike your usual pinkish, princess-like, floral concept. 

Grey and slate coloured walls decorated with black and white furniture, with the only exception of colours at its nail colours range. With its great, peaceful ambience, you can definitely stop by after a day of shopping and spoil yourself with some good spa too!

Did you know that the length of your nail plate contributes to the strength of your nails?

Hence it is recommended to apply nail strengthener coat on your bare nails and also opt for gelish to make your nails stronger!

Palette Nail is currently having a promotion this festive season!
(1) A full set of Christmas Nail Art $25-$35
(2) Additional 10% off for Spa on top of any service

I got treated to a set of gel manicure and pedicure.
 I have never done gel pedicures before, so I was quite excited to see the results! I usually self apply classic pedicures, which was of course in comparison rather sub- standard hahah. Hence, I guess my toes skin/ nails would be quite off form. 

The nail beautician who attended to me did a commendable job. Meticulous, patient and dedicated. Removing the dead skin, buffing and taking care of my toenails and the skin around it. I enjoyed the legs mint scrub which left me feeling fresh and smooth, followed by a relaxing leg massage!

I chose a soft, gentle, pastel lilac for my little toes, and a greyish white gradient for my big toes!
I kept it simple for my pedicure and skipped the nail arts and 3D designs. 

However it's different when we come to..... Manicure!

I got myself something new for this merry festive season!Colours that I have never chosen before.
 A shade of blue gradient as my base with nail art- Snowflakes and the usual Snowman :)
Wanting to keep things less fanciful, and being quite careless at times, I skipped the 3D designs too.
If you're interested and wondering what 3D designs they offer, they have a variety of gemstones, 

Christmas studs inclusive of snowflakes, and many others)
You will be spoiled for choice!

Sounds good and looks good? With the ongoing promotion, you're in for a deal!

Make your appointment with these dedicated manicurist at their brand new
 Vivocity outlet (63975800) or The Star Vista outlet (66940818)

Thank you Palette Nail for these lovely, beautiful designs.
I definitely adore them 😘


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