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Hey guys!! Been really busy with finals lately till the end of this November, but I'm back with a review on my facial experience you wouldn't want to miss out on! 

Personally, I prefer to keep the amount of skin care products on my face to the minimal. However, in addition to the fact that, fair people are more prone to getting freckles, I do get tan rather easily.
Hence I always make it a point to apply the sunscreen before I head out. 

Being someone who's rather chill on my daily skincare, facials are important to me to help maintain my skin. Therefore I was really glad to be selected to try out the spa services at Porcelain Face Spa, together with few other Smittens.

One thing about Porcelain Face Spa is that they make you feel good and confident the moment you walk out after each facial! Before making an appointment, the team had dropped me a phone call to find out more about my skin type to recommend me the best treatment for my skin: 

OxyRevive Plus with RevitalEye Luxx. (one of their award- winning luxurious treatment)

Being a first timer for their Spa services, I was required to fill up a form, while being offered a cup of freshly brewed tea.
The whole concept of their layout was minimalistic. Fresh and clean. 

Forgetting your contact lens cases can be a concern to many. 
Fret not, for the team at Porcelain are really thoughtful to prepare this beforehand! 
Many of you may not have known that, I actually did Lasik (may do I blog post about it once after finals hehehe). 
Hence contacts are no longer my thing. 
But I  do understand the frustration if you forgotten to bring your contact cases along for facials (happened to me before Lasik). 

Once everything settled down, my therapist, Shirley, got down to work.
This package- Oxy Revive Plus aims to revitalise your skin and improve your overall skin tone and elasticity! This treatment included an Oxyjet Gentle Micro- Dermabrasion Therapy to remove your dead skin cells and impurities. Following which was the OxySpraymist. It improves cell regeneration and brighten up your previously- dull skin, giving you your radiant glow!

I was really impressed during the treatment. Instead of the usual method of squeezing them out which may be painful at times, at Porcelain, it is totally painless! She put a strip on my nose for a while before removing it together with those stubborn black/ white heads.

I have got really bad dark eye circles as such the RevitalEye Luxx treatment was essential. This treatment includes a 2-step ultrasonic procedure designed to stimulate your blood circulation and enhance serum absorption. It alleviates dark circles, fine lines, puffiness and water retention with a collagen eye gel and delicate massages. 

Aforementioned about how Porcelain makes sure you feel good after each treatment, this package included a Shiatsu face massage (helps to loosen impurities and removes dead skin) and a relaxing shoulder massage too! Always been giving my loved ones massages now that I get to receive one too, it's finally time to relax!  

At Porcelain, they have their own range of in-house products! 

Do checkout their Bazaar Beauty Award Winner 2014- Balance HydraClear Gel which combats acne. It staves off blemishes and hydrate your skin simultaneously.

I loved how refreshed and smooth my skin was after the treatment and even after a few days!
Thank you Porcelain Face Spa for pampering my skin!

Porcelain Face Spa has recently clinched the World Luxury Spa Award 2015, and many other awards too!  
Be sure to be one of them to enjoy their treatment today :)

Quote "Sabrina" for 30% off Ala Carte treatments!
Visit their instagram : @porcelainfacespa
To book an appointment with Porcelain ,  give them a call at +65 62279692.


Thank You Smitten for giving me an opportunity to be part of your team! Can't wait to bring to you more collaborations I may be having with Smitten Team in the future. For any business enquiries to drop an email to smitten at team@smitten.com.sg .


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