Cost effective shipping all done for you!

 I'm here to share with you a good news on how you can definitely reduce your expenditure for shipping and spend it on more shopping! How does that sound? Usually, it cost quite a bit to have your items flown in from overseas, worried about the status of your parcel too. So... Cost effective shipping!!

With this, many things are included in the service, well taken care on your behalf!
(a) communication/ language barrier 
(b) tracking your item to arrange shipment
(c) better exchange rate than outside
(d) insurance included in the service = 100% safe!! will not go missing
(e) shipping service is not only from china to SG but also from China to other countries

and many other outstanding customer service provided (: 

Click on the link to have a better shopping experience : 

Alternatively you can email : for further enquiries.


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