Asus ZenFone 2 5.5 Inch

The only Asus product that I have tried was their laptops, which was rather user-friendly. However, lately I was pumped up to try out the new Asus Zenfone 2 5.5inch (ZE550KL) wondering if it was like its fellow prodcuts!

I too, share the same concerns as you guys during a new phone purchase. Let me share with some of the features that Asus Zenfone 2 did not disappoint!

1) Sleek and ergonomic design with it incredibly- thin 3.9mm at the edges. 
This is one of the features which won the IF Design award! To add on, holding a Zenfone is almost alike to being weightless, hence it is comfortable for the user.

2) Laser Auto Focus feature-  how cool is that??!! 
This Laser function results in increased speed (as quick as 0.03s) and accuracy when focusing, especially within short distance. Consistent performance in a less-litted environment is also one of the benefits, especially compared with a contrast-based focus.

3) 13MP high resolution rear camera.
 Its aperture lens together with a special wide-angle mode and a 85 degree field of view, you can take a panoramic selfie up to 140 degrees. 

4) Unparalled Low-Light Performance.
PixelMaster Technology helps to increase light sensitivity by up to 400%, enhances noise reduction and boost colour contrast by up to 400%.

With all these features that have already caught my eye only at the start of the usage, I am excited to continue using Asus Zenfone! Can't wait to discover more about the phone and bring you people more reviews in the next few days. Many thanks to the Asus Team & TIN! Stay tuned, till then.

With love,


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