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This space has been dead already, hasn't it? hahahaha. Almost 2 months into the holidays. Soon, reality and the pain of not being able to take things at a slower pace is coming to live.
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Got a chance to completely laze around this holidays- no work or what so ever, but at least got my ass out of the house to finally do some running. I absolutely detest running, for the lack of stamina/ not an athletic person (but I love swimming/ water-related/ pretty much a vampire (the sun my enemy)), etc , but the want and need to change my lifestyle calls for some effort too, not 'all words no action'.

I would like to say I had enough excess money on my own capabilities to splurge travelling the world, but financial standards has only capped me to a short getaway to Bangkok at the start of this 3 month holiday season! Shop, eat, sleep, repeat. It was an experience to be able to travel independently to somewhere so foreign since we didn't know anything about bkk. 

Checked into Diamond Hotel for the first night. The room's not bad in my opinion (deluxe for a reason) Given that it was already dark by the time we reached, the area around the hotel was just rows and rows of dark quiet alleys. This made us worried for our safety (yes it was just all girls for the first night). Got stopped by two guys on a motorbike who stopped right in our paths just because we refused to respond to them. Plain ridiculous. They turned out to be policemen who were talking to us in thai knowing that we were tourists.

Second night onwards we checked in to KC Place for the rest of our entire trip. This hotel was way better but they scam us of our money :(. Other than that, it was accessible to the shopping heartland platinum mall and the markets around it, a mere 5 mins walk. Made a visit to Chatuchak market, union mall, and al the other shopping heavens that everyone was crazy about. I must say that the streets of shopping opposite Platinum Mall was the most satisfying! Didn't really try out the road side food cause I've a really weak tummy, and unfortunately Elmo came for me then. Here's the famous After You!! Indeed it wasn't a let down 😁

We didn't try out the tuk-tuk. You might be thinking we deprived ourselves of that, but nah. Rather we commute with the railway system and taxi. Recently, I came across a program on television 'Scam City' and they talked about the different scams in different part of the world including tuk-tuk business in Thailand. So be careful be it wherever you may be!

All in all, there wasn't really much to do just shopping. Though the weather was a furnace, the company made the trip way better and so did the loots but I should really have gotten more!! Wasn't too late then to hop on the bkk-bandwagon.


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