Mint&Pint Festive Season Launch


Mint&Pint has launched their latest collection : Lucite statement blooms necklaces, absolutely perfect for the CNY festivities. They come in many different colours for you to choose! It makes a dull outfit stand out! Pair it with a casual top and bottom, printed dress or top, the cascading floral motif add a flavour of feminine in your outfit and gosh you're already in for a killer presentable look!

Personally being someone who loves white dresses, and given that my wardrobe lack such of this colour, I've personally hand-picked the Clear Lucite Blue Blooms Statement Necklace. Seize the chance to be bold and choose a colour that you've never tried on before especially for this festive season! You never know what you're capable of pulling off till you try it (:

           ___ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

Looking for something less bulky, less bold? 
How about some dainty charm necklaces for you? (:
This time round add some Gold x Crystal/ Gold x Black to your simple outfit to make yourself shine!
          ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

They had the necklaces beautifully packaged in their floral gift packaging before sending it my way. Likewise, Mint&Pint loves to make their customers feel special and exceptionally loved this season! Therefore you can also cart out the gift wrapping service at ONLY $2. If you've a note to go with the gift, let them know, and they will be more then glad to have it written down on Mint&Pint special card.

Simply quote "Sabrina" as the coupon code upon checking out and you're entitled to 10% offHop on over to and choose your favourite accessory for yourself or loved ones today this CNY & Valentine's. Happy shopping (:


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