Glory or gory?

2014- Year of Greater Glory?

Such impactful words has been resurfacing lately, and I just felt like penning down my thoughts, before doing another entry about everything in 2014/2015.

This year is passing way too fast than any other, it still feels like its the holidays before uni.
Many tragedies had happened, missing planes, outbreaks, riots, etc. 
There's so many things going on since the start, in and out of my life.
I must admit I was looking forward to having God doing something in my life this year. It's human nature to expect right? Especially when it involves Him. So I just kept waiting and questioning when was it gonna be my turn. 

'I felt the shaking, but where is the glory?
Because Christ in you is the hope of glory.'
Maybe securing a place in where I am now was something I never expect, that was one of the trials I was been put through. I knew that it was impossible for me to do it alone, it was solely not base on my own, never. I'll never forget how it felt like having your heart hanging in the air/ sleepless days and nights.

'We are so caught up thinking that God will shake things into our life.
But sometimes He shakes things OUT of us.
He shakes the human effort out of us.
God's increase comes from being restful.'
He shakes things out of us so that we'll have space/ a bigger heart for what's gonna come in to fill you up.
We tend to choose what we want to believe in. 2014- taught me that when you choose to stubbornly hold on to what you think you're capable of base on your own efforts/ what you think it's worth it base on your own, even if you know things will never out to be for the best, you're blinded. You discover that you've grown into nothing.You lose who you're. You'll failed, I've failed. Lean in my dear, let go, He saw it coming.  So I got tired physically, mentally. I gave up everything on hand, and let things fall into place on its own. 

'When we are shaken out of our dependence on anyone's love, that's glory too'
(I know I've said it before) To the special one who told me the exact same idea on happiness last year- I can say that life's so much happier when you don't depend your happiness on others. (life testimony hahah kidz) Cause if that person drifts or leaves, your happiness goes with it too. I'll always bring along the words of what this person had said even into the coming new year. Why seek for such unhealthy form of love? When you could pour your love on others and end up feeling so much more love in return? One day, mission trips would be stroked off my bucket list. 


I've been dying since last year to go for one, ever since the relatively smaller scale one in Shanghai for those village kids.  With only few hours of time spent interacting with such less fortunate kids in comparison yet way more blissful (look at the pictures above) and loving, they taught me what it was like to be real, to love, to be carefree. With the idea to go there to help, love and teach them basic english, songs, dance, who knew I would end up being the one who felt so loved. & I would die to earn such an experience once again, what's more when it's gonna be on a bigger scale?

'When shaking comes, He's creating an opportunity to experience glory inside you first.
Going through and growing through trials in our lives.
Trials are just another opportunity to experience Christ in our lives.'
Take for example, I've been so blind to see, to realise that for all the times I hated stepping into hall compound for its nothing but just dull/ dark/ soulless/ lonely aura, that He is filling me when I go through such time.
He even put people that I don't even deserve in my life. People that I can't be even more thankful for simply being who they are. 

When you're going through a breaking time, He's preparing you.
The world celebrates achievements, at the peaks.
God's way is to celebrate in our valleys, when we are weak.
Cause when we are weak, He's strong.

When you feel like you have it all falling apart, when you're all so broken, there's someone out there having it worst off then you. To love them even when you're broken, makes you whole.


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