Growing Up

A month ago, was when i turned a year older, and realising that

Growing up just means

1. seeing beyond the illusions from the younger years
2. talk less, observe more
3. be independent
4. learning to appreciate alone time, enjoy your own company
5. trying out new things; experience things that you haven't 
6. sleeping more, sleep in between classes, sleeping as early as 8pm
7. be kind, be sincere with every part of you
8. love yourself before you could start loving others wholeheartedly
9. don't ever compare yourself or anyone to any party, everyone has a different story
10. forgive those who left you and those who let you leave
11. smile and laugh; they can't break you if they think you're already broken
12. whatever comes, let it come. What stays, let it stays. What goes, let it go. Let it be.

Just a snippet of what to expect in the coming of end of year/ new year... post maybe (:

On the other hand, thank you to the special friends who came to surprise me immediately after my last paper at night (even tho someone gave it away hahah, but thank you really appreciate everything thus far) I'll always look forward to celebrating all of our birthdays together till we grow older. I really love those hello kitty balloons, (hahaha, yes i love hello kitty)
Also to my pinkdot, who has been the greatest gift that uni has given me thus far, thank you too. The thought that went in to the present, thank you. I love it, and I've started wearing the watch! It's no fail that you guys will put a smile on my face at the end of the day. To everyone else, thank you for the well-wishes each one of you, really.
It's the second year consecutively that birthday falls on exam days/ season. I got the honour to spent my actual with my books the entire day ): But honestly, when you grow up, birthday becomes nothing but just another ordinary day when your age just gets a plus one. If you're lucky enough, it's a significant day where events of less than 24hours, get added into your memory lane.


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