• GIVEAWAY• Face care part II

The opportunity to pamper your skin making it fresh, smooth and healthy youthful looking is here!! 

Epi Treatz has given me 
15 vouchers of COMPLIMENTARY HYDRO COLLAGEN EYE MASK THERAPY worth $50 to give away!! 
Simply like and comment " I LOVE EPI TREATZ #ngsabrinaepit" in my giveaway insta (@ngsabrina) pic 

Winners will be picked by 14 July, good luck!

1) Brightening Treatment Foundation
All skin types
This all in one Brightening Treatment Foundation deals with hydration, oil-control and brightens your skin. Mixed with the serum, the thin layer of foundation makes it feel like there's nothing on your skin. Yet, it's able to reduce hyper pigmentation and cover your blemishes.

2) Tetra-Peptide Complex (fav)
Puffiness, dark eye circles 
Calling out to all who loves or are left w no choice to burn midnight oil. MAP-C brightens skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This Tetra-Peptides will help reduce your dark eye circle and puffiness. You definitely wouldn't wanna look like a panda while checking out your eyecandy hehe

3) Ultra Hydrating Gel Masque (Fav)
Dull & Dry skin
What if you're like me, being worried about your dry and dull skin, yet not knowing how to deal with it, fret not!!😁

With Ultra Hydrating Gel Masque, it stimulates oxygen intake increasing your skin moisture, elasticity and brightens your complexion!! It's important to keep not only yourself hydrated but also your skin hydrated during this sunny season☀️

Start pampering your skin today with Epi Treatz!!


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