Face care Part I

I've always been confused about how do I exactly go about taking care of my skin since young. But now with Epi Treatz, I no longer have to worry about my skin regime anymore!

Can't wait to see improvement in my skin when I start using these products!✨✨✨
1) Brightening cleansing foam 
The crazily humid weather in SG, makes facial cleansing an essential. Thanks to Epi Treatz, I now have Brightening Cleansing Foam, (in the above pic) which helps my skin feel light and fresh after a long day! Its foam of vitamins and aloe vera also gently exfoliates, removing your dead skin and impurities. If you're someone who's too busy to head down for facials, you can easily brighten your face with this Brightening Cleansing Foam in few minutes!

2) Power Hyaluronic Serum
Wrinkled skin? Crow feet?
We are always concerned about looking youthful. This serum helps restores your skin elasticity and hydration, making it smooth and soft once again. 
Fool people with your age, as this power hyaluronic serum reveals your skin age and not your real age after using it! 

3) Daily Moist
Dry and sun-damaged skin?
Start protecting your skin before more freckles and blemishes appear on your face thanks to SG's summer season all year round:-(
If you didn't know yet, freckles will slowly turn into pigmentations if you don't start to take care. Especially for fair ppl, you gotta be extra careful!

Rosehip Oil Extract together with different vitamins and omega-3,6 can be found in this Daily Moist. It moisturises your dry skin, regenerating your skin cells. If you're like me who have freckles, the vitamin E present in this daily moisture can help lighten it. Likewise it lightens blemishes and scars too!

Stay tuned as I share with you guys more solutions for different types of skin and how to win complimentary treatments and vouchers! 😉

Look out for more exciting stuff & giveaways to come!! X 


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