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<warning: influx of throwbacks, locking in story of my life so at least I know what I've been doing w my life when I look back hehe before busier life gets ahead of me>

In love with this new top, the first piece of off-shoulder I've own. So am I, with the new pair of flip flops which has become my fav footwear recently that I've been wearing it everyday even to town, that's how comfy it is and convenient! sudden influx of various new footwear after my previous batch of shoes decide to fail on me all at the same period ๐Ÿ˜›

This is practically my meal everyday for weeks..... - fast food everyday for at least one meal. It's quite bad but it's also the most convenient way of getting a proper on-the-go lunch/ dinner. (Had a double down today, meat lovers shld grab it!)
<so much glorious light in one picture๐Ÿ’•>
So we made a trip down to Trick Eye Museum but to only leave feeling cheated and disappointed after being greeted with the 3h waiting time before we could step into the land of mind blowing displays. But nonetheless my long awaited need/ want of catching TFIOS was fulfilled (caught it on the 2nd day after it's debut in SG!!) It was good, but I must admit that the book was even better. It gives one much more room for imagination and development of feelings from my opinion. Maybe watching it in the cinema did kill the vibe a little, so perhaps months down the road or when it's available for online torrent, will I then contemplate to watch it again from the comfort of my own bed with aircon, snuggling under the blanket๐Ÿ˜Œ well, it never kills to rewatch a movie again, we all get different enligthenments at different points. I have never watched any show more than once, cause I used to categorize it as boring/ waste of time. But I guess tfios is different. John green is different. His books are so awfully blissful :)

Some infinities are greater than other infinities. & pain, it demands to be felt.


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