23rd - A Work In Progress

- 3 months have never flew by as quickly as before than now -

Idle @ Prinsep


The Mask

Over the weekends, I turned 23. 

The night went down the moment we started to bar hopped from liquid buffet at Idle Prinsep, BeerPong at Hopheads to opening a bottle at The Mask. NTS: Bacardi Gold @The Mask tastes like petrol, worst drink ever. I have never drank so much in a long while ever since uni days (then again uni days are insane). One hell of a liver therapy, and I felt so uneasy and died on the actual day/ next day. 

I don't know when it started, but these bunch of people has unknowingly become people I hold close. (& to some not in the photo
Thank you for the failed surprise & the cake (smash)! Till your bday :') Can't believe Aly gave it away when she told me last Thurs not to come to with makeup the next day. (1st: she got my bday wrong, 2nd: she gave it away = cake smash) 

There are days where I wake up feeling so thankful that got to meet such a great bunch of people whom can click so well together & feel so comfortable being around. Thank you for making work not feel like work for now. I am glad that we all crossed paths. And no matter where we all may go 2 weeks from now, may we all excel in wherever we are. 

- Came the actual day, Saturday -

Can't expect much when you spent Friday till 4am, evidently didn't feel to well on Saturday 🤮Signs of aging. Spent the day sleeping except waking up for my meals - brunch & birthday dinner.

J had made a reservation at TongKang River Boat Dining (Western Cuisine), and we were supposed to have drinks (I died when I heard this word) with our friends at CQ thereafter. I tried to tell him maybe we should drive instead of cabbing, cause I didn't really wanna drink. BUT just like everyone else, on friday and sat, in the name of birthday, he too thinks I should drink up a little. So.... we Grab-ed. I was feeling like shit in the Grab - by shit, I mean puke/ groggy. 

After an hour, our orders were finally served. The food had better make up for the waiting time.
US Black Angus Ribeye Steak, Surf & Turf (Steak + Prawn + Salmon), Pacific Scallop (freshest I've ever eaten). We get to cook the food ourselves on the hot stones, so we decide on the doneness

Seafood Bisque & Mushroom Soup 
(The mushroom soup was quite salty we got a change but it didn't get any better lol)

Dining by the river:
- View & ambience is 100%
- Food was 100000000000% so goooood- we get to cook the food ourselves on hot stones

- Waiting time was way too long (We got there at 1915, we only got our food at 2030)
- Slightly warm because it was outdoor dining (they do have fans and portable aircons around but gotta be lucky to be sitted next to one)
- Portion is quite small & pricey. (Drinking water is 7 bucks HAHA)

Thank you for looking up this place, knowing that I love steak & seafood.
Happy birthday to you too 

Here's to 23, still a work in progress. 
Cheers to the people who have stayed throughout, and the few who have been constantly sending wishes every year without fail.


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