Another day in JB

Unlike the previous time where I went to JB alone because everyone was working, this time round Eil and Vyc were free on Friday!

Thursday being SG's 53th birthday, meant that many would give Friday a self-declared off day (just like Eil did- working from home), to have a 4-days long weekends. Pretty bad timing to go, but it was the only timing everyone could make it due to work circumstances.

I got to the checkpoint at 0940 and waited for the rest who came at 1000. It was swift at the SG custom due to the many electronic counters, can't say the same for JB's custom. The bus queue from the checkpoint to JB's custom was long, but the frequency was okay and we managed to board the second bus. We reached JB custom counters at 1100 and queue for about 30 mins.

Our first stop was FOOD @ AK Noodles - City Square Level 1 (Beside Din Tai Fung). I always get my dry noodles with soup (RM10.90) and a plate of crispy prawn cake (RM8.90), never disappoints! When vyc tried it she couldn't resist and had to get a second plate of crispy prawn cake. We then took a grab to Holiday Plaza (RM7) which was our main agenda for the day!

Nail Parlour- Price Range & Workmanship (1330-1630)
We went round to ask for the best prices for our individual designs. In the end I had to do mine at 2 different shops. I got my nails soaked off at one, and painted at another:

Soaked off at Seraphina Angelhouse for RM20 (I forgotten the exact name but it's something like that) 

Manicure at Sisters Nails for RM85 (Basic with cuticle trimming etc RM55 + 2 soft gel nail extensions RM20 + Gel Hardener RM10, additional charges for more then 3 colours) -soaked off here is more expensive RM70. Their acrylic nail extension for mani & pedi is the same at RM20 each.

Eil did her mermaid nails at Nobelle, their workmanship, nail art & nail parlour environment is really worth the money. SUPER CHEAP for the amount of work. Nail Art + Nail Colour + Nail Care (Cuticle etc) = RM115. Their extensions services were quite off the price chart this time round, hence we did in different nail parlours. However I previously did do my nails here before- Simple Nail Designs + Acrylic Extensions = RM160, and I was happy with the results. Their prices for acrylic extensions was quite drastic on both different days. I guess partly cause there were 3 of us so extensions takes quite awhile means they would have lesser customers to serve, hence the higher quotation.

Types of Extensions To Do
So previously I had superb good quality nail extensions that even the manicurist was impressed as well. During the soaked off process at Seraphina Playhouse I got to learn from the manicurist about the different types of extensions:
1. Polyform Acrylic - Acrylic & Gel (need to use the gel machine)
2. Hard Gel - same as acrylic extensions (no gel machine)
3. Soft Gel - paste on temporary tips + an additional layer of gel
4. Temporary tips - paste on white temporary tips

For Polyform Acrylic & Hard gel, both are quite damaging for your nails during soaked off because it's by filing, which is different from soft gel soaked off.  However, my previous 2 months old nails was polyform acrylic. For Temporary Tips it depends on your lifestyle, how 'rough' you are, or if you're in contact with warm water, the glue may melt faster. Hence they recommended soft gel which has the extra layer of gel.

We had dinner at the famous duck stall located at the food stretch outside KSL. We ordered sharing portions, duck with roasted pork, sambal kangkong and watercrest soup. The meat served was not as good as previous few times, this time the meat looks like leftover, pretty bad. The soup was tasty! Has a taste of home-cooked food.

Contact Lens
Haven't been to a spectacle shop ever since my lasik days and have lost touch of the rough price range in JB. Vyc wanted to get the contact lens, so we asked around.
Monthly Coloured Contacts: RM100/ 3 boxes
Dailies Defining Acuve Coloured: RM115/ box

City Square:
Dailies Defining Acuve Coloured: RM110/ box

Snacks & Necessities
Also, it was my first time trying Auntie Anne's! I've been missing out so much. How did I not know such goodness existed. I tried the cinnamon sugar RM4 (how cheap is it? Eil said it's about SGD$4-5 in SG). Heaven in my mouth. I gave in and bought another cinnamon sugar. They bought sour cream and onion- just as good too! But it was on the other end of the taste spectrum. Eating the sour cream felt like eating 378537 packs of sour cream potato chips and your hair will fall exponentially.

Before heading back, we ran some errands to get necessities for our family. I got cooking oil from Tesco! Due to the government subsidies in M'sia, t's super cheap in there RM16 for 3litres oil. So I had to carry it from Tesco KSL all the way back home, but thank god it wasn't that heavy and I didn't get many stuff so I was able to take the public transport back, got home at 2300.


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