SANA Maikohan BB Cream

It's super troublesome to be a lady at times, having to make sure we gotta take care of our skin. Applying skincare products can amount up to different components, from serum, cream, makeup base, foundation, face powder, concealer, prevent sebum, and UV (sunscreen) to adding more colours. Sounds a hell lot of products yeah? Hence we now understand one of the reason that explains why girls take so long at the dressing table! 

With SANA Maikohan BB Cream, it has 8 functions in just 1 BB Cream. How amazing is it? Say yes to more beauty sleep!!

Using the new technology, BB Cream changes to powder-like texture in 3 seconds after application, therefore there's no need for face powder anymore!  This silky fit powder covers pores and the skin's roughness naturally. Unnoticeable oily-pores gone.

The cocoon silk fit structure leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturised inside, ending with an amazing silky smooth touch. Essentially there are 6 kind of extracts keeping your skin moist all day- cheery blossoms extract, camellia oil, soybean isoflavone, Hyaluronic acid NA, Caramide 2 and Squalane. 

The cream provides the moisturising effect and the powder creates the finishing!

Given SG's terrible weather nowadays, touching up of make up every one in 2-3 hours become a common sight. However the original formula prevents sweat and sebum, which hence prevents makeup run-off and dryness = makeup lasts longer (last more than 10 hours!)

Personally I really really love the light fragrances of the cherry blossoms!! (plus points) and how it feels so light-weighted, allowing my skin to breathe despite covering all 8 functions in only 1 tube alone. It is perfect for travelling and to bring around this handy BB Cream (:

SANA Maikohan BB Cream is available in 2 shades- light beige and natural beige with SPF 35PA++, retailing at S$24.90, available at all SASA stores.

Do head down to or to find out more about this product. 


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