Have you found your boobs yet?

When you know you have a lot of deadlines coming. But because it's really overflowing, you end up staring straight at them deadlines. Here I am, taking some time off and squeezing in an interesting write up (:

So, what is it really like to have a small chest?

{Before you guys get disgusted or critical about what's coming up, everything mention is from my personal stand. You have the liberty to stop here if you feel uncomfortable (: }

In your early teenage days where your chest is small but putting on a bikini doesn't take your confidence away, just because you're still developing! A late bloomer, perhaps. Now it's a total different issue, when you know you're already hitting the womanhood. I can't help but to feel insecure. Not being able to avoid judgeful remarks or stares when you head to the beach in a bikini. Shopping for bikinis can be quite a chore. Next, pulling off plunging neckline tops becomes awful. You gotta to be so cautious of the type of clothes you don on. Personally, I love halter necks and turte necks.

But why are we conforming to society's norm that boobs equals womanhood? A woman isn't define by her body or least say her boobs. She is who she is by how she portrays herself and how she thinks. Boobs are plainly fats gathered on your chest right? There is no need to feel insecure about what others think of you. Insecurity only makes you feel bad about yourself, taking away your fun and happiness, which should never be the case. You want your boobs to become bigger not cause of what others say, but for yourself. When you look good, you feel good! It is a pain when you have everything ready, but just your flat chest getting in your way?

As much as going under the knife is the fastest option for bigger chest, according to studies it's pretty hard and unnatural. You can save yourself the pain. There are other methods to make your boobs larger without having to go under the knife.

Recently I was introduced to Expressions Bust Secret. It contains world famous active natural ingredients- 30 extract of natural plants, stimulating production of hormones and collagen to moisturize, smooth and rejuvenate skin cells. Within 2 weeks of usage, there is already seen slight increment.

It corrects your boobs by increasing the elasticity of skin, resulting in a smooth and strengthened skin with the combination of pueraria lobata and soy extract restructures. This increases the contour and accentuate your curves, giving you a fuller bust. 

Lifting, Fullness, Elasticity
Yes, as simple as using this bust secret formulation regularly, you can start being comfortable in you skin, showing off your finest asset girl! 
Anyone with breast issues, for example, flat chest, imperfect breast, chest swelling/pain, saggy breast after pregnancy, can use this.
Au natural with http://www.expressions.com.sg/bust-secret/ for fuller bust

*Results are based on individual. 
*Avoid usage during pregnancy, breastfeeding or puberty.

Many breast enlargement process in parlours requires massages to spur on the enzymes in your boobs to make it more active. Expressions have also come up with a breast massager. This massager serves many various functions, other than breast therapy including facial, arms, back, abdomen, hip, thighs, legs therapy. The best part about this is that you can use it as and when you want! It is light and portable, you can do it at the comfort of your own space!(:

How this massager works?
-  remove fats in your desired areas by activating the cells. 
- smooth and repair cellulite, loose or dimple skin by sucking and massaging actions
- removes unwanted cellulite, belly fats and stretch marks
- fuller and firmer breast
- improves blood circulation of breast
- prevent breast lumps

Woman faces different chest progress at different stages:
12-18 years: Breast development
19-28 years: Breast slow period
29-38 years: Breast stagnation
>39 years: Breast recession

The massager aids a woman lifestyle in her various life stages in the following areas:
12- 18 years: help breast develop fully
19-28 years: adjust the breast to enhance breast growth
29-38 years: activate breast tissue, to develop vibrant, firm and full breast
>39 years: prevent degradation and implement functional reconstruction of breast

Having said all these, everyone has their own rightful perceptions of what and how boobs should be. As long as you pursue what makes you happy and confident in your own natural skin.

Remember to checkout with 'GIVEME10' to be entitled to 10% off any purchases! (:


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