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Brow Goals with effortless makeup with eyebrows embroidery!
This is the second time I'm doing this, the first was about 2+/3 years ago at a shop, let's name it XYZ. Hence whatever that I'm gonna share, is first hand experience comparison.

I know it looks super painful during the process with the micro blades and what nots. But anesthetics are applied for 15-20 minutes. Truth is the pain don't really exist till the anesthetics wears off. Here comes the difference between Missy Brow & XYZ.

At XYZ, they used the micro-blading technique, leaving behind hair line strokes. It was quite painful after the anesthetics wore off. The entire time after the whole process was over, and getting out of the mall, it hurt for about 1-2 hours. I could feel the stinging pain, and I wanted to cry. It was really unbearable, but thank god for a friend who was there trying to distract me, making it better.  Also, the colouring made my eyebrows look so dark, and I didn't really want to head out until the colour faded.

However at Missybrow, it was Semi-permanent Microblading Techinque, leaving a Soft Misty Powdery finish. Of course, the anesthetics wore off as well. However, I only felt the pain for less than 10minutes after it wore off. The process was fast and precise, because the anesthetics could only last that long. Furthermore, it looked so natural immediately after that. Trust me on that, cause I didn't feel hideous and could head for my other 2 appointments on the same day after that.

Find out more about the process in this video!! It's a good investment to have on pointe eyebrows that can last at least 2 years.

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