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-so!! happy!!! Finals!!! are over!!!! I be back bringing about beauty tips after intensive hardcore studying for the past week 😁-

Styling have never been this easy, till this hair straightener by GlamPalm makes it easy peasy, lemon squeezy :P

Typical girls, we all know how long they usually take to dress up. Not the normal dress up of pulling out a top and a bottom and you're good to go barefaced kind of day, but I mean those days where you dolled up and your hair makes a difference.

This straightener save the time spent on doing your hair, just so you can see your date sooner! It takes only a few seconds for it to be heated up, depending on the temperature you set it to be. You can toggle your temperature within a range of 100-200. Fast and efficient!

This straightener is accompanied with two styling clips. To enhance efficiency, you can divide your hair into partitions using these clips to hold them. Especially handy for people with long thick hair!!

Prepping and get ready can be quite stress and hence panic mode, till we forget about switching of the appliance. With the Guardian Angel Technology, it ensures that your unit shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. Now you no longer have to worry about having to rush back home in the midst of enjoying your date!

With its healing stone technology, throw out that idea of having dry, damaged hair whenever an after-straightening/curling! Secret mineral drawn from the mines deep in South Korean mountains protects your hair from the excessive heat.

Having said all these, not only does it work as a straightener but also as a curler!! I can now tame my tresses and step out of the house looking all fresh and stylish within minutes (:
GlamPalm carries various models to cater to a variety of different individuals, as shown:

GlamPalm is offering a Mother's Day package, help make your mommy feel even more beautiful everyday (:
Basically tamper yourself and your moms today at $448 for 2!! (usual $598.) 
Quote 'MOTHERSDAY' to enjoy this promotion when you checkout at

Welcoming well-set hair throughout the day :D


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