After a bad week at school, which I ended up attending only 1hour tutorial out of my entire week's tutorials and lectures.... it's time for some update after spending much of the time not attending today's tutorial on.. (here goes)

You can't go anywhere without risk.
Everyday's a risk anyway.
Fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up

People are so full of negative self-talk, they never know how to take it in the positive spin. It's not gonna be easy trying to convince oneself from the positive spin, but it's at least that's less detrimental for the soul (I hope).
Probably like all other humans, it's time to learn to take everything in the positive spin, & perhaps life would be so much better.

I've never done it before- It's an opportunity to learn something
It's too complicated- I'll take it up form another perspective
There's no way this will work- I will learn to make it work
It's too radical to change- Let's take a chance
I'm not getting any better at this- I want to give it another chance

There's risk everywhere in everything,
You just need to ask yourself if it's ever gonna be worth it.

Would you rather regret what you did, or what you didn't do?


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