Seeya peacock

It was really an honour to be part of this production cast, where I got to meet so many cast such as Mario Maurer, YaHui, Mark Lee and all vthe other talented and experienced cast. Of course, most of all the bunch of similiar cast who we got to spent time together talking nonsense (that day, this day, today, all of your humour, thank you guys), eating, and even lazing around. Waiting around on set would have been so bored if not for you guys. 

(Make-up artist arlene- If you need any make-up artist/ hairdresser for events or anything function, feel free to hit her up! Her working attitude and final product is good!!)
(Yahui & Mario, so sad that the cast were not allowed to take any pictures with them)

(OFF SET!!!!)

It was indeed my pleasure working with y'all ,thank you for this opportunity!


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